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Professional Home Theatre Installation in Woolgoolga

It’s all a bit exciting, isn’t it, heading out and choosing the different components that will make up your new home entertainment system? But when your new equipment has been delivered and the dust settles, audio visual installation can be quite daunting if you’re not 100% on what you’re doing. Fear not, though! At Gizmos Electronics, we’re here to lend a helping hand.

Why we’re Woolgoolga’s best audio visual installation services

You may not know this, but the particular location of the speakers is vital, and will in fact change depending on the size and layout of the room. Also, have you considered what you’re doing with the screen? Wall- or roof-mounted, or maybe using its base? We’ve got the experience and knowledge to know exactly where it all should go in order to achieve the best entertainment experience possible.

Additionally, we’ve made it a primary focus to meet and surpass expectations on every project we undertake. Whether referring to home theatre installation or the expert computer repairs we also offer, you can bet you’ll be walking away more than satisfied with the work we’ve completed for you.

Finally, with the firm belief that a premium service should not attract ridiculous costs, our installations are completed at wonderfully competitive prices. So if you’ve been hunting for somewhere reputable, reliable and affordable, Gizmos Electronics is for you.

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We also stock a massive range of IT-related products that includes everything from networking solutions through to heavy-duty video cards and a whole lot more. Have a look through our online shop today and take advantage of our low, low prices.

Find out more about our installation service for home theatres

Would you like to discuss your particular needs with us? We’ll work with you to tailor an audio visual installation solution that fits your Woolgoolga home perfectly, so call us to get the ball rolling on (02) 6651 5327 or 0474 268 005. Or, simply fill your contact details into our online form and we’ll be in touch soon.