What is our return policy ?
Gizmos Electronics do not normally give refunds or exchanges if you fall into any of the following:
• Change your mind
• Purchased the wrong product
• Was aware of a particular fault in a product, or was advised of a particular fault prior to your purchase
• Damage a product after the purchase including making any alterations to the product not done by Gizmos Electronics, also damage the product due to unusual or non-recommended use of the product, or damage the product where the damage is caused by any factors beyond Gizmos Electronics’ control
• No proof of purchase is provided (Original Receipt or Bank Statement)

How do I request a Return/Warranty Claim ?
Please send an email to for further details.

Please note if NO FAULTS ARE FOUND for any warranty claims a $50 fee with any additional shipping charges may also be incurred this includes any inspection / non acceptance fees by the relevant authorised service centre.

Eligibility for Warranty
To be eligible for a refund, return, warranty claim or consumer guarantee claim consumers must meet the following requirements:
• Report the details of the fault and return the products back to Gizmos Electronics (or if unable to return to store, return them by post or courier)
• Provide proof of purchase when returning the goods (Original Receipt or Bank Statement)
• Stop using the faulty product immediately
• Ensure care is taken when the product is in your possession this includes the correct use of the product.
• Ensure you were not the cause of the fault ie. fault was not caused by the product being used in an abnormal or non-recommended way. Such a use may be result in a manufacturer’s warranty void
• Product has not reduced in value which was caused by a delay fom the customer in returning items. Customers should bring faults to Gizmos Electronics attention as soon as they occur.
• Gizmos Electronics highly recommends that you carefully review the manufacturer’s warranty terms (if such a warranty applies) and ensure that you comply with all terms and conditions of stated in the manufacturer’s warranty. Gizmos Electronics accepts no responsibility for non-compliance when dealing with manufacturer’s warranty.
Rejecting Refunds or Warranty Claims

Gizmos Electronics reserves the right to reject a return, a refund, warranty claim or consumer guarantee claim if consumers:
• Change their mind about a product. This includes when a consumer finds a cheaper product elsewhere, has bought the product as a gift that is unsuitable (where the consumer has not made any specific details of the use of the product that was explained to Gizmos Electronics PTY LTD), or they no longer require the products.

What is the Return to Base Warranty ?

For RTB (Return to Base) Manufacturer’s warranty claims: Customers are required to send the products back to Gizmos Electronics PTY LTD or to the authorized service centre with proof of purchase included and provide a detailed fault description. Gizmos Electronics recommends customers to send an email to to obtain further details on the warranty procedures.

For direct manufacture warranty claims: Customers are recommended to contact the Manufacturer for expert technical support & warranty assistance, to submit a warranty claim and organise pickup or delivery. Please note, Gizmos Electronics do not provide any pickup or delivery services on behalf of the manufacturer/ service centres. Please make sure to read the manufacturer’s warranty cards/manuals for any additional information regarding support and warranty.




In cases were goods are returned to us for repair that contain User Generated Data (as that term is defined in the Competition and Consumer Act 2010, we advise consumers that any repairs to the goods may result in the loss of the User Generated Data. User Generated Data may include (but is not limited to) data stored on a Hard drive, USB devices and NAS box etc

Gizmos Electronics is not a manufacturer or an authorized service centre, it is highly recommended that customers contact the manufacturer’s technical support directly for any troubleshooting or technical support advice before you return the product for a warranty claim.
Some manufacturers provide onsite or pickup and delivery which includes notebooks and monitors. These services allow for a quicker turnaround of warranty claims.

Please note: The actual manufacturer’s warranty process may vary for different manufacturers and/or suppliers, so we cannot provide an accurate timeframe of how long the process will take for a particular product warranty claim. Updates are provided to the consumer when received from the manufacture/supplier.